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Warli Painting

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Warli Painting is a form of painting practiced by artisans of Dang district in Gujarat. Traditionally composed by the Warli community found in the southern border areas of the state adjoining Maharashtra, Warli painting is also wall art tradition. Although executed in a basic style and vocabulary which uses lines, circle, triangles and square to construct forms, this style is rich in expression. Like the Pithora, these paintings also have ritualistic significance and are done inside the house, They are painted at the time of wedding and harvests. A central motif symbolizes the mother goddess and represents fertility or prosperity, executed in square shapes. The circle signifies the sun and moon, while the triangles are for human forms. The Warli use only white for their paintings; the pigment is made from rice paste and water, and mixed with glue to bind it. The Warli style of painting has become popular in India and artists have begun to paint in a variety of media, including paper and cloth.